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Aftercare Instructions

The aftercare of your new tattoo is just as important as the quality artist you have chosen to complete your piece. With the best aftercare routine your tattoo will heal nicely in roughly 2-3 weeks.


At Aisling Mahon Tattoo we use an adhesive film to protect your tattoo during the first few days of healing. This protective film stays on for 3-7 days. Any time after the 3 days is safe to remove the film. 

After removing the adhesive film gently wash with warm water and unscented soap.

Pat it gently and let it dry.

Apply a thin layer of aftercare cream so the tattoo it lightly moist. Repeat this three times a day for three days.

You will notice your tattoo will begin to flake like sunburn. This is normal and you may also see some scabs beginning to form, do not worry. Simply let them heal and fall off naturally. DO NOT PICK OR SCRATCH while the tattoo is healing. This will result in a patchy heal.

Everyone's body heals at a different rate so do not worry if you are taking a bit longer to heal. Contact your artist with any questions you may have.

Happy Healing,

AM Tattoo Studio 

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