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Aisling Mahon, has been tattooing for 10 years.


Over this time her dedication has been creating tattoos that both visually please and restore the clients sense of self. 


In 2018 she took her training further and became one of the first tattoo artists in Ireland fully certified in areola restorative tattooing and mastectomy tattooing. This career path has lead her to linking up with Irelands top surgeons to create the best standard for those post mastectomy. 


Aisling's studio is a safe space where clients can come and feel safe knowing their experience is a priority. 


Fine Art Tattooing - Pricing 2023 :

Minimum - €200

3- 6 inches - €250 - €500

7-9 inches - €600 - €800

10 inches up - €1000

Prices incl VAT

** Prices are a guide, each project is priced individually

based on detail and time required.

Mastectomy Restorative Tattooing 2023:

Areola Restorative Tattooing - €450 - €600

Decorative Mastectomy tattooing - €600 - €1500**

**Depending on size and detail

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