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Frequently Asked Questions

1: How much of a booking fee is required?


Booking fees of €100 is require. ( Excluding areola restorative tattooing)

If a booking fee hasn’t been paid after 24 hours of us offering you a slot we can no longer hold it.


2: Can I get my booking fee refunded if I have changed my mind?


Booking fees are non-refundable.

3: Does my voucher expire?


Vouchers are valid for 5 years.


4: What can I use my voucher on?


Vouchers can be used on areola restorative tattooing, mastectomy tattooing, scar cover ups and traditional tattooing.


Vouchers are non transferable and non refundable .


5: I’m worried about having an allergic reaction to the ink, what do you recommend?


Patch tests are available on request.


6: How old do you have to be to get tattooed?


You must be 18 years old to get tattooed.


7: What should I bring to my appointment?


We recommend you bring a bottle of water and some energy bars and snack, this is to keep your blood sugar at a normal level. You can bring headphones if you like also.



8. I want to cancel my appointment can my friend use my booking fee for her appointment? 

No. booking fee's are non transferable.


10.  How long do I have to pay the booking fee once I've been offered a date. 

Please pay this within 24 hours, after this we can't hold the appointment. 

11: Do you provide numbing cream?

No, we do not use numbing cream, please do not come to your appointment with products already applied on your skin as you will be refused an appointment.

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